Benjamin B. Garcia


About Me

Benjamin B. Garcia is President of B & C Janitorial Service, Inc. and a Vietnam-era veteran with over thirty years of janitorial experience in large federal medical centers. He has vast knowledge of general cleaning, carpet shampooing and floor care to the standards required in hospitals.

Cheryl Garcia


About Me

Cheryl A. Garcia is Secretary/Treasurer of B & C Janitorial Service, Inc. and has more than forty years experience in administration and management as well as experience in occupational health, including workplace safety, ergonomics, injury and illness prevention and labor law. Cheryl also has extensive marketing experience.


We strive to meet our customers’ needs at all times, while providing high quality, affordable, integrated janitorial services. We are distinguished by our strong knowledge of cleaning processes, business and administrative principles, our staff and corporate responsibility for critical decision-making, our commitment to excellence and an enduring partnership between our company and our clients.

To that end, we have established several quality controls, including:

  • Customers have direct and immediate access to our company’s owners
  • Site-specific job descriptions which are used for training and posted in each janitorial closet
  • Policy and procedure manuals distributed to all employees
  • Safety manual
  • Hazard communication manual
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’) available for all products used
  • Scheduled and unscheduled worksite inspections
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Correction of any and all deficiencies within 24 hours

Read more about the quality control standards that we uphold:

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